Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a custom made fabric covered photo album, bible/book cover, cell phone pouch, tablet pouch, and/or laptop sleeve?
  1. Please visit our Etsy Shop where you can shop for your treasure!
  2. For custom orders, please message us via the contact feature on Etsy.  You can also contact us at honey@sentimentsofhoney.com.
  3. If you have any questions, please call us at 281-969-3917.
Do you accept major credit cards?

How do I pay?
You can order and pay through Etsy.

Will you get the fabric or do I have to buy?
SoH has a selection of fabric to choose from. If you know the type/style of fabric you would like, and it is not in our inventory, SoH will search for the fabric for you. Also, if you have fabric, we can take a look to see if your fabric can be used to create your treasure.

Do the photo albums come with sheets for pictures?
Yes. Large albums come with approximately 80 magnetic sheets. 

What are the photo album sizes?
The large albums are approximately 10 ½ x 12.  

How do I make sure the bible/book cover will fit my bible/book?
When you place your order, we will confirm the size and create your cover based on the sizes you provide.

How do I personalized my treasure?
Just let us know what you would like on your treasure.  We can screenprint your name, initials, or favorite expressions on your treasure for an additional fee.

What are your prices?
Please visit our Etsy Shop.

*Some custom orders may require additional charges.  Excessive wording on screenprints may require additional charges.

Other services:
  • Picture placement - depends on number of pictures
Do you make fabric covered photo albums for special occasions?
Yes, SoH can custom make albums for any occasion. Just let us know your preferences, the occasion, and details of your event.

Can you process large orders?
Yes, let us know your preferences and we can inform you of timing and costs.

How does the “picture placement” service work?
After you place your order and pay for your fabric covered photo album, and after receipt of your photos, SoH will place your photos in the album for an additional cost. You can request borders around the pictures and provide captions to be placed with the picture.

Can I purchase photo albums, bible/book covers, and/or cell phone pouches to sell in my store/gift shop?
Yes. Contact SoH at sentimentshoney@aol.com with the details of your order, and we’ll respond with costs, and expected completion date.